The grammar of Chinese characters

Updated 2021/8/5

James Myers
National Chung Cheng University, Graduate Institute of Linguistics

Myers, J. (2019). The grammar of Chinese characters: Productive knowledge of formal patterns in an orthographic system. London: Routledge.

Myers, J. (2019). Précis of The grammar of Chinese characters. National Chung Cheng University ms.

麥傑 (2020). 《漢字語法規則》概略。國立中正大學(陳欣徽—譯)。

Hardcover errata - Corrected paperback (2021)

Detailed table of contents

Chapter abstracts:

Chapter 1: Chinese character grammar: The very idea

Chapter 2: Character morphology

Chapter 3: Character phonology and phonetics

Chapter 4: Corpus-based evidence for character grammar

Chapter 5: Experimental evidence for character grammar

Chapter 6: Implications and applications

Some related material: